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Home Decor

Brimming with unique finds, downtown Waco shopping never disappoints! From artisans to antiques, home décor to high-end boutiques - even a specialty runner's footwear store - all captivate savvy shoppers on the prowl.

Run a quick search by store type. Heard of a Downtown Waco shop and want to find out more? Search by name. Or check the boxes next to your preferences and locate just what you're looking for!

Scour the shops for bountiful gifts and accessories. A decorator's vision finds its mark with home furnishings and adornments to suit every taste. And antique hounds rummage happily in search of hidden treasures and collectibles.

Float through the boutiques to find designer fashions and famous brands for every budget and style! And out-of-town friends will covet your handmade jewelry purchases, specially crafted by local artisans.

For the athletic and adventurous, sporting goods stores supply everything from skate decks to tents to cycling shoes. Charming flower shops decorate any occasion with beauty and grace. And perhaps one of several art galleries holds a painting to crown your home collection.

Begin your spree with breakfast, pause for lunch, and shop downtown with leisurely abandon...until happy hour lingers into a candlelit dinner.